Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Mars Orbiter Mission - Mangalyaan Mission Updates 2014

India's Mars Orbiter achieves new Milestone in successful Orbital Insertion

September 24, 2014

Image: ISRO

The Indian Mars Orbiter Spacecraft achieved a major milestone on Wednesday, successfully 
inserting itself into orbit around planet Mars, marking the completion of a 680-million Kilometer
 journey through the Solar System. This marks one of the biggest achievements of the Indian 
Space Research Organization as MOM ventured further into space than any previous Indian spacecraft.

Successfully placing a spacecraft in orbit around Mars, ISRO becomes the fourth member in an 

exclusive club of agencies that successfully sent spacecraft to Mars following the Soviet space program,
 the European Space Agency and NASA that had just sent itsMAVEN spacecraft into Martian orbit on 

BSNL Mobile 325 Postpaid Plan Details

BSNL Mobile  325 Postpaid Plan Details

BSNL Mobile  325 Postpaid Plan Details

RentalFree Calls
Rs. 325.00Rs.200
Local Rates
Same CarrierOther CarriersLandline
STD Rates
Same CarrierOther CarriersLandline
ISD Rates
USA, Canada, UK, Srilanka/ Rest of the WorldBangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Pakistan and NepalEurope [other than UK ], Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE
Available Places : Chennai
Activation Charges in Rs.100/-

Security Deposit
Local + STD
Local + STD + ISD
Local + STD + ISD + International Roaming

Free GPRS Usage in Home LSA (MB): 75 MB

Pulse Rate for Local & STD Call – 15 Seconds
Reduced Call Charges - 0.20 per Minute

Call Charges while Roaming (Rs./Min)
Pulse rate for Roaming call
60 sec
O/G -Local-On-net
O/G -Local-Off-net
O/G -STD-On-net
O/G -STD-Off-net

P2P SMS Charges while Roaming (Rs./SMS)
Plain Non-P2P SMS
Premium Non-P2P SMS
As determined by content provider

GPRS Usage Charges beyond free limit - As per Optional GPRS Plans

International Roaming
Fixed Monthly Charges in Rs.99/-

Optional 3G Service
Additional FMC in Rs.25/-

Video Calls(Home LSA) in Rs./Min
Promotional tariff for 90 days w.e.f. 1st June 2010.

Local Video Call
0.70 0.30
STD Video Call
1.00 0.30
ISD Video Call
National Roaming

Video Call-Local O/G
Video Call-STD O/G
Video Call-ISD O/G
Video Call-I/C
Data usage charges (from home LSA & National Roaming) (Rs./10KB)

A. Local CUG :

Group Size :
Fixed Monthly VPN charges per DEL in Rs.
B. Zonal CUG :


N/A – Zonal CUG facility Not Available

* Free calls are allowed in Own Network from home LSA only.

## Own Network

** 200 free SMS within LSA will be allowed to all new activations to be utilized within first two months @ 100 SMS per month.

*** Security deposit:
a)      It is non-interest bearing & refundable upon surrender subject to clearance of all dues. Security Deposit of Rs.500 for Local/STD to be refunded Rs.100 per month through adjustment from usage charges from 6 th month onward. Security deposit for ISD and International roaming will continue.
b)      No security deposit is required for Local/STD facility from the following categories.
i) BSNL employees ii) Existing BSNL subscribers upon request with conditions as per Sub Note-1 iii) Employees of Central/State Government and Central PSUs iv) Bank employees who give ECS mandate from their own bank Central/ State Government & Central PSU's iv) Corporate Customers taking minimum 5 connections in corporate name.

Sub Note-1

1)      Fill up a mandate form to allow existing deposit of PSTN phone towards outstanding of the cellular phone.
2)      Telephone to be applied in the same name as PSTN.
3)      Category of mobile connection will remain same as of PSTN (Local/STD).

* Reduced call charges facility can be availed on two selected BSNL numbers
          i) Option I: Two Intra circle numbers.
         ii) Option II. One Inter circle & One Intra circle number.
Night calling facility in Own Network @ 50% of the normal call charges applicable in the respective plan:
         i)  Available during 2300 Hrs to 0700 Hrs.
        ii)  Not applicable to reduced call charge facility between two selected BSNL numbers.
        iii)  Applicable only in Home LSA.

Outgoing Call/SMS: As per charges levied by foreign operator (inclusive of all taxes) + surcharge @ 10% on such amount.

Incoming Call:
a)      In case foreign operator levy charges- Actual amount charged by foreign operator (inclusive of all taxes) + surcharge @ 10% on such amount + ILD charges applicable in HPLMN
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a)      In case foreign operators levy charges- Actual amount charged by foreign operator (inclusive of all taxes) + surcharge @ 10% on such amount
b)      In case foreign operators do not levy any charges- Free

NA-Not Applicable, O/G- Outgoing, I/C-Incoming

 ii. As plan 198, plan 425 and plan 999 are being withdrawn, option to be called from the existing customers of these plans to migrate to any other plans of his/her choice. In case no option is received upto 6 months, the customers will be automatically migrated to plan 99, plan 325 and plan 725 respectively.

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iv. Add-on plan in the form of rent free second lower plan may be allowed to BSNL's loyal customers having connections under high end plans with FMC of Rs.325 & above and have completed 6 months in BSNL with the following terms and conditions

 Security deposit
 Activation Charges
 Fixed Monthly Charges
 Calls between main and add-on number
 Free call/SMSs
 Reduced rate calls (Local/STD) and any other freebies
 Not allowed
 All other charges
 As per second lower plan
Note:- The disconnection of the main number will automatically disconnect the Add-on number. An under taking from the subscriber of main connection may be obtained for payment of all dues of the Add-on number

 i. Optional SMS pack under post paid plans.
 Fixed Monthly Charges in Rs.
 Free SMS On-net in Nos.
 Free SMS Off-net in Nos.
 Rate for P2P SMS (Rs./SMS)

Any plan

* This facility of reduced rate will not be available on these festive occasions i.e. New Year (31 st Dec & 1 st Jan), Valentine day, Diwali & Christmas Day. Normal SMS charges as per plan will be applicable in the above days.

 ii. Activation charges of Rs.100 may be waived-off for corporate customers taking minimum 5 connections at a time with a minimum commitment of 6 months.

 iii. Reconnection charges for connections already surrendered/disconnected within past 6 months may be waived off subject to clearing of all dues.

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 v. Service tax as applicable will be extra.